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Express Solution Docs is an IT company specialized in the manufacturing of documents in the shortest possible time.
Express Solution Docs pays particular attention to manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as to relationships between existing and potential business partners. We are flexible and we can adjust to client needs, open on both sides beneficial business offers.

Who We Are And Why Choose US?

We are a team of specialists who have worked at different levels of the document production company with different companies working both locally and globally. In our chain of service, we are specialized at every level. From our customer service providers who are always available every day through the expert production laboratory experts who include geniuses in biometric security systems and database experts. Our contacts equally include the diplomatic backchannels used to register real documents in various government databases when necessary. We are equally distinct in our connections with logistics experts who collaborate to see that our parcels reach you in your final destination. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Buy Drivers License Online

If you can drive well and own a car, or if you need a driver's license for your job or you are too busy for the driving test. Several people around Europe, America, Canada, and Asia cannot pick up their children from school because of a suspended driver's license. We partner here with you to see that you are not left out because of your past mistake. Buy a driver’s license from us, save time. We make life easy.

Visas And Residence Card

Welcome to foreign lands. Visa procedures have gotten more complicated in recent times. Allegations of terrorism and much anonymity amongst nations are contributing to disintegrate our world. In our efforts to keep the world a global community, we use our backchannels with employment agents and embassies around the world to ensure you get your visa. We have done this process over and over and have refined it down to our timelines for the various countries. It's very simple when working with us, experience makes work easy.

Buy Passport Online

We produce legally registered passports with biometric data which can pass immigration security scans successfully. We equally do many countries passports which are good enough for any upgraded security scanners. Your passport will be no different from any other passport. So feel free to contact any time for traveling programs regarding your passport, updates, and renewal. We are online 24/7 and ready to help you.

Buy ID Card

An ID card is the most basic document an adult should have. In some countries, this defines your freedom. For us at documents everywhere, when we say you should buy id cards, we mean that you should buy a nationality. When you buy nationality or an ID card for a given country, It gives you citizenship rights. You can buy citizenship for most nations from us in less than one week. The fake id can be used mostly to get into clubs while the registered real and more expensive ID provides you with full citizenship rights. Start Now by contacting Us

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